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January 2019

Bucks ENT Update


January Newsletter from Bucks ENT!

We trust your New Year is off to a fantastic start! The month flew by and it was great to hear many of your 2019 resolutions! How are they going?

Some new articles this month around all things ear, nose and throat! 
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The Physicians & Staff of Bucks ENT Associates



Overview of a Middle Ear Infection

An ear infection frequently occurs when fluid and pus build up in the middle ear, behind the tympanic membrane (eardrum), causing ear pain. This is often due to a cold or allergies that can block drainage, introduce bacteria or viruses, and cause inflammation.

Learn more of the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of a middle ear infection...



Nasal Polyps Diagnosis and Treatments

Nasal polyps are growths that result from inflamed mucus membranes in the sinuses and nasal passages. They can extend to the opening of the nostrils, or even down to the throat area and can block the nasal passages.

Nasal polyps are often related to other chronic diseases and tend to last for long periods of time. An ENT specialist is often consulted for relief and treatment options. 


Snoring, Sleeping Disorders and Sleep Apnea

Nearly half of adults snore and over 25 percent are habitual snorers. Problem snoring and sleeping disorders are more frequent in males and people who are overweight and usually worsens with age.

Bucks ENT can help with all areas of sleep apnea and sleep disorders. Call our office today for your consultation, 267-689-1000.


Adult Allergies: Yes, You Can Get Them for the First Time 

That scratchy throat you thought was just a cold? The runny nose you figured was the flu? That run-down feeling you just can’t shake?

Yes, it may be adult allergies for the first time! Thankfully Bucks ENT is here:-)



What are Some Types of Surgery for Head and Neck Cancer?

This is from Standford Medicine with some great insight around the types of surgery for head and neck conditions. All procedures we do at Bucks ENT!


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